zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Sketching and sketchbooks

The weather wa the last days very rainy and cold. So I didn't sketch that much. But yesterday was warmer and most importantly dry. So I jumped on my new bike, found a nice spot an sketch it.

This is a secret alley right in the centre of Antwerp. It dates from 159. It used to house shoemakers and the poorest people in the city. (Not anymore: Expensive restaurants, antiques stores and art galleries are now situated there)

On other news: I'm getting through my sketchbook quickly. I am already over halfway. So I needed a new. Sadly there aren't too many art stores in my city and most of them have the same 2-3 watercolor 
sketchbooks. (Mostly Moleskine = Big price). So some time back I decided  wanted to make my own and this week was that week. I took some researching and about 3 days but in the end I got 1 A5 and 3 harmonica sketchbooks. The harmonica ones are made with the leftover pieces of paper.
Buying all the supplies wasn't cheap but most of those are thing I can use multiple times or are a buy-once-use-for-a-long-time deal. So in the end the diy sketchbook is cheaper for me. And something you made yourself is much more worth it.


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