zondag 29 mei 2016

USK Netherlands first annual Sketchcrawl in Utrecht.

On the 28th of may USK Netherlands organised the first Annual sketchcrawl. We (me and 2 other sketchers) went with a small group of Belgian sketchers to join them. 
There was a workshop on perspective given by Rene Fijten for the people who wanted.  It was a very good workshop and time flew by! Before I knew it was 2 hours further. I was starving so I joined a small group for lunch. And not much later (as said before time flew by!) we had to gather at the endpoint for the group picture.
Add this point I only had made 1 sketch. Luckily me and the other 2 Belgians spent some time after it to go to another location to sketch.
Even though I only had the chance to made 2 sketches that day I had a lovely day.
I did learn that I need to make the most of my time at events.  (Bring my own lunch)

First sketch made for the Perspective workshop.

A sketch I made after the group picture.

A quick sketch I made during a short break

zondag 22 mei 2016

Quondam and how to turn boring meetings in quality time...

I organised a sketchcrawl at one of the biggest renaissance fair in Belgium. Sadly it was on very short notice and the weather was rather sad so no people came. No problem for me, I can help myself So i went by myself.  I only made 2 sketches since the weather was just not nice. (I heard it cleared up after I got home but to late...

This Tuesday I was in a boring meeting where I hadn't too much to do so I spent the time sketching the people around the table. I'm getting better with faces. Now for the bodies...

zondag 8 mei 2016

Holiday and family weekend.

Thursday was a National Holiday and the weather was just soooo nice that I "had" to go out and sketch. After a small bike around the city I went to sketch a small square. (sketched there before)
There where a lot of different music buskers, great atmosphere!


This weekend was the yearly big family weekend. I found a little bit of time to  sketch the house where we stayed.

zondag 1 mei 2016

Busy times...

A lot of time has passed and a lot has happend.
  1. I started working Part time.
  2. Bought a new tube of Ultramarine blue light (Blockx)
  3. got a commission for a sky line of antwerp.
  4. Went on a Sketchcrawl in Rotterdam.
Here are the sketches from the last few weeks. A lot less then before due to working every afternoon from Monday - Friday.

  Cathedral of Antwerp.

A market stall. 

From the Sketchcrawl in Rotterdam. This is at the old harbor

This is inside the market hall of Rotterdam.

The next sketches are try-outs for the commission.