donderdag 31 maart 2016

3 sketches, 2 days and new stuff

So a lot happend the last few days. Here we go!

First is a small tunnel in Antwerp. I did sketch this one before but never painted it.

A small cafe behind the Cahthedral. I used a modified Jinhao for this. (more of that later in this post).

The last sketch is just another cafe. I just liked the colors.

I did go shopping yesterday and bought a better folding chair.

Also my Jinhao X750  arrived today. I orderd this to modify it so a G nib fits in to it. I got the idea from a post on Parkablogs
It does have some problems. The ink doesn't flow perfectly. It needs a little bit of priming sometimes and I need to work slower.

zondag 27 maart 2016

Students, pilgrims and old buildings

 Did not a lot of sketching these last few days due to some volunteer work, bad weather and house work. But did got to squeeze in 2 sketching moments.

This first one is a election week for the university students organisation. Not a very detailed one but first try at sketching a crowd.

Number 2 is the backside of the Pilgrim Hostel. This concept was started for people who hike or bike to santiago de compostella. It's located in a 14th century old building.

And finally there is the old building on the Lijwaadmarkt number 9 . Half of it is a cocktail lounge.

That's about it. I am turning 26 this april and my spouses asked what I wanted for my birthday. So I gave them a list of art supplies. They can choose.

dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Painting to distract myself...

Made 2 sketches yesterday. One of a popup restaurant from a TV sohw, another from the back of the gate of the art university.

But that's not the point. Today Brussels International Airport was under attack. A terrorist attack killed several people and injured many more. A very sad day for Belgium and indeed Humanity.  Painting my sketches helped me relax a bit.

 Love for the world...

zondag 20 maart 2016

Going to disappear

Sketched the old scout buildings again. This time with the sqaure in front of it.
It's fun to flip through my drawings and see how I evolve sketching the same building.
The birdge on the right side was at a 90 degrees angle to the rest of the sketch. Couldn't get them right...

maandag 14 maart 2016

Music and cooking

Last thursday I was out sketching and for some reason I couldn't find a good subject for some reason. If I'm out sketching I either know upfront what I'm sketching or I just bike around until i find something interesting. But for some reason I just couldn't find anything that captured my attention.
The light was dying so I just sat down and started to sketch. It didn't really work. I plugged in my phone and listend to some music and for some reason the sketching went much better. Just had a bad day I guess. But in the end it worked!

This weekend I was part of a cooking team for my local youth organistation. I found the time to sketch the place where we stayed.

woensdag 9 maart 2016

The old tram station.

This building was used to store the trams after their shift was done. Now it's mostly used for doing repairs on them. Was a great sketch.

Catching up and a new sketchbook!

I didn't update this blog for some days. So here is the catch up entry.

First I started in a new sketchbook. For the first page I felt like making a title page.
(Inspiration came from Liz steel)

The first sketch is the Radisson next tot the Central station in Antwerp. That day was awefull... The weather was soo gray, wet and cold. I did the pencil and inking on location but after that I had to go back to paint it.

A few days after that the weather was a bit bette. Still colder but not wet.I painted the greenhouse of the botanical gardens next to the ST. Elisabeth hospital. A small but fun garden.  

Last sketch of first sketchbook

On the 3th of march I officially filled my first sketchbook. I sketched a small cafe close to home.

donderdag 3 maart 2016

Rainy day and a new brush.

Yesterday was (as are most of the lately) a very wet day. So drawing outside was outside the question. Luckily there is the Central Station. A big part of it is more a shopping mall. So I propped up my little seat there and drew the view.

On other news: I got my new brush on monday! It's a Rosemary & co R9.

I got  this brush recommended by the blog of the lovely Jane Blundell.
This brush is amazing:
- Holds insane amounts of water.
- Has a fine point.
- Is big enough to fill large areas.

I needed to get used to it though. It behaves a bit different from my previous synthetic one.
But I really like it. (especially for such a low price)