zaterdag 19 december 2015

The view from my kitchen and the origin of me...

Yesterday I had a very busy day so I couldn't take the time to get outside. So I made this sketch between everything I had to do. This is the view from outside my kitchen window. Painted it in with about 4-5 colours. I posted it on the flickr and facebook group of USK and I got awesome reactions. (got chosen for the banner picture on the flickr group)  Not something I expected!! But nice to hear people like it.

I was never to draw very realistically (in my opinion). A few months back I got interested in calligraphy. These lead me to fountain pens wich led me to Parka Blogs and  so on to Liz steel.
They showed me that I could actually draw the world around me and not be perfectly realistic.
About a day later I went to the art supply store and bought myself a basic watercolor set and paper.

Although it is still not that easy. Getting a good perspective can be very tricky. Not much later I found Jane Blundell she helped me a lot about colors. (At the moment I am looking into getting some new colors)

And that's a very short story about how I got into Urban sketching.

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  1. That's the fun of drawing, and sketching outdoors. There are so many styles. Drawing realistic is just one of the many styles.